Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Coat Rack

Hopefully you all went over to Konen & Co. to see our headboard turned entryway bench.  We decided we wanted to make a custom coat rack to go above the bench.  I just love how this whole project came together.  And now that I know how inexpensive it is to make my own I will never buy a new one again!

I started out by measuring the length of my bench so I knew how wide the shelf needed to be.  From there I just eyeballed the top piece, I knew I wanted it to be deep enough to display things on top of it.  I also needed to be sure the bottom piece was tall enough to fit my hooks on.  (I actually used some left over heavy duty plywood for that part.)  Then I found these corbels in the lumber section at Lowes and knew they would be perfect!  All the materials I needed for this project were under $15.  Be sure to pick up your hanging hardware while your there also. ;)  We used a hanging kit that would be strurdy enough to hang coats and display items on top.

Here it is all laid out ready for assembly.

 Here is a view of the back.  You can see the two screws going into the corbel and the top piece is our wall mounting hardware.
Close up of wall mounting we used.

After I got it all put together I stained the entire piece dark walnut.

My handy dandy hooks that I got from Good ol' Hobby Lobby for under 3 bucks each!!!

Then I painted the entire piece in Behr Black Suede and distressed the edges.  After it was dry I attached the hooks.  Then I called upon the hubs to hang it above our new bench.  I just absolutely love this little nook now!

If you have any questions on this project please feel free to ask away in the comment section below. :)