Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's been way to long!

I can not believe that I haven't added any new projects on here for so long.  I promise I have several projects lined up right now.  I'm on a waiting list to get a booth out at Paramount Antique Mall.  So Neal and I have been searching, sanding, painting and loving every minute of it!  Well except that we are working in 100 degree heat usually.  Turns out Everett even likes antiquing, probably because there is so much to look at and he is our lil people watcher!

Here is a Pinterest inspired project I decided to tackle a couple weeks ago.  What I thought I could do in 5-7 days turned into a 2 week project!  But all the hours were worth it, I'm loving how it dresses up the dining room.

Before:  The wall was just asking for some love. :)

This is the template I got off Pinterest (free to download and print), I then cut out a cardboard copy that was easier to trace with.  Go here for template.

I traced the pattern over and over until the whole wall was covered.
(use pencil, there will be mistakes)  You could use a level but I didn't, just eyeballed it, it won't be perfect but that's OK.

Here is day one of painting. 
 I used Martha Stewart's Precious Metals collection, the color was Silver Leaf.

You need a good paint brush the width of the your desired line.  Trace along the inside of the design.

After:  I love the sheen of the paint, it really brightens up the room.

Far from perfect but you can only see the mistakes if you really stare at it for a while.


  1. Ah thanks Kendra! Hope your family is all doing well!

  2. You sure can Tessa, but I've seen pics of your house and you are completely capable. You have great taste and style!

  3. Lindsey! Would you point me to the tips you used to redo the buffet and table? I love the finish and was hoping to replicate it for the free set I just got! Thanks, friend!

  4. Actually Jen I have my buffet project on the blog already if you scroll down to older post. The table was done the same way. :) I used latex paint on these pieces which I really don't so anymore, I've been working with Chalk/clay paint lately and loving it!